Groups of: 1-3 people - $50+ HST
Groups of: 4-9 people - $80+ HST
Groups of: 10-15 people - $100+ HST
Kids under 2 are free!

16+ people Please Contact for special pricing

Interactive Package

Includes guided tour of our animal park and interactions of your choice with any of the following animals: goats/sheep, African Spurred tortoise, Lemurs, Black Swans, Fox, and our Laughing Kookaburra. Then access to Fishing (catch and release), BBQ/Picnic/Campfire area, Outdoor Activities (soccer, Badminton, Horseshoe throw), access to children’s playground and our Game and Recreation room.


You’ll have a 10 minute warning before having to leave every ½ hour spent over your time limit will be billed at $40 per ½ Hr + HST

Campfire Area – First 2 cubic feet are free and every cubic foot after costs $5. Contact us for more info.

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