About Us

Turda Farms came to fruition a little under 5 years ago, when the Turda brothers Jonathan, George, and Billy moved to their Mono, Ontario farm. These city boys gone country had grown up with a love of animals, but city life never allowed for them to expand upon their passion. As children, they would travel to Romania on their summer breaks from school, experiencing short periods of the country lifestyle and loving every minute of it. After each visit, their relatives would end up with another dog added to their households, as the boys took it upon themselves to rescue and care for at least one stray per visit.

With their family, they looked at multiple properties in the Mono area, eventually deciding their farm was ‘the one’- partly because it came with a handful of neglected sheep and their sheepdog that desperately needed the care of true animal lovers.

Today, the Turda family has a myriad of animals that call the farm home, including breeding pairs of the large and rare Russian Ovcharka dogs (Caucasian Shepherds), multiple breeds of goats (including Pygmy and Nubian), unique species of ducks (including Muscovy and Mandarin varieties), countless species of chicken (including Cemani, Silkie, Silver & Golden Phoenix, and many more) as well as exotics, including but not limited to Ring-tailed Lemurs, Peacocks, and an Arctic Fox/Silver Fox cross that was rescued from a fur farm.

The Turda family looks forward to welcoming fellow animal lovers to enjoy this little slice of heaven.

Mission Statement

At Turda Farms, our goal is to provide each visitor with the therapeutic and heart-warming experiences that our animals provide us with each and every day. We have experienced firsthand the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of being in nature, closely interacting with a wide variety of unique animals, and we aim to help you leave our farm feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and excited about the world of animal care and conservation.